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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. we're learning more about a bizarre shooting at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station last night. investigators say that an armed man shot himself during a confrontation with officers. ktvu fox 2's alex savidge explains what led up to that gunfire. >> cell phone video posted on several social media sites shows the moments right after this shooting with b.a.r.t. police officers checking on the injured man as he lies on the platform at the west oakland station. investigators say around 8:00 last night that man was
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involved in some kind of confrontation with officers and shot himself in the stomach with a gun he had tucked in his waistband. at last check he was in critical condition. investigators say this all began when officers told the man who was smoking to put out his cigarette. >> the man began to act very erratically, was making threats, was becoming violent, was trying to run away from the police officers, so there was some sort of a struggle. >> b.a.r.t. police say when the man reached for something in his waistband, officers tased him, and at around the same time, investigators say the man fired a single shot. in an online post, a witness to the shooting said he heard the man on the ground yell they shot me. the witness then heard one of the officers yell back he shot himself. b.a.r.t. closed down the station to investigate this shooting. it reopened just before midnight. now the district attorney's office is involved in this investigation along with
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b.a.r.t.'s independent police auditor. >> the officers involved in last night's incident were told that both of them were wearing body cameras at the time. those body cameras were activated before the confrontation, and investigators right now are reviewing that video. we'll send it become to you. >> in just over an hour, the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar three years ago is set to appear in court. anthony garcia torrez faces charges of murder and kidnapping. he's indicted on charges that he tried to kidnap several other women. sierra lamar vanished in march of 2012 on her way to school. prosecutors say dna evidence links her death to garcia- torrez even though her body has never been found. a former running back who's a prison inmate is facing a first degree murder charge. lawrence phillips is suspected of killing his cell mate at kern valley state prison. he was found strangled in april
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in their cell. he's serving a 31 year prison sentence for crimes including auto theft, assault with a deadly weapon and spousal abuse. in baltimore protests are taking place outside the courthouse where pretrial hearings being held in the death of freddie gray. six police officers are being charged with his death. gray suffered a fatal spine injury while being transported. he was handcuffed and shackled by his feet but unrestrained inside. the charges range from second degree assault to second degree murder. the judge today denied the defense's request to drop the charges and have the prosecutor removed due to misconduct and conflict of interest. the protests have been largely peace. there's only been one arrest. >> if we don't get justice in this particular case, we have no choice but to be in the streets. if we don't get justice in this place. we don't have any choice but to send out pink slips at election
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time. >> the officers are not at today's hearings. the judge is expected to hear arguments about whether they should be tried together or separately. tonight the san francisco police commission will discuss the use of body cameras for police. the city wants all of its officers to wear small cameras that attach to the front of the uniforms. civil liberty groups are concerned. they say there are several stages before the cameras go into the field. backers including chief greg sir say statistics show where they're used body worn cameras can nearly eliminate the use of force by officers and cut public complaints against officers by 60%. the state of california just launched a website that promises more transparency by police. the site is called open justice. it just went live. it's part of the california department of justice, so far it includes detailed information in three areas, arrests and bookings, the deaths of suspects in police custody, and officers killed or assaulted in the line of duty.
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officials have also reached out to stanford and ucla for more analysis of the data as it comes online. accountability by law enforcement was the focus of a large rally at the state capitol just about an hour ago. bay area activists were in that crowd calling for passage of a bill that would require police to report the use of force. fox 2's janine de la vega was with supporters as they headed up to the event this morning. >> a bus left in this church parking lot in san jose this morning. they joined hundreds of people from across the state for a rally in sacramento. they are passionate about racing awareness about how they say law enforcement treats minorities. inside that bus, members from the faith community, local activists and people who say they've experienced racial profiling, when they arrived at the capital, they held a rally on the south lawn to show support for a new racial profiling reform bill. it just passed the assembly and is headed to the senate floor. the group says a report
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released from the independent police auditor in san jose shows blacks and tee knows made up two-thirds of the police stops in 2014. the data shows they were almost twice as likely to be frisked and searched. the new law creates a uniform system for collecting and reporting data on stops and searches! thunderstorm going to create an over-- it's going to create an oversight board that will analyze that data and shed light or expose any patterns of racial profiling that are being done in any police agency, and then in the state of california. >> growing up as child, i experienced incidents where i was pulled over by police and looked at suspiciously. here in the bay there's been maybe a couple instances where i was pulled over and i thought i was treated less than like an average person. >> the city has hired a consultant to do an independent analysis of the data on racial profiling. the san jose police department has said that what appears to be racial profiling is often a
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reflection of police focusing on a high crime area such as east san jose which is heavily latino. the department is currently testing body worn cameras for its officers to show transparency and to document encounters. but the chief has acknowledged there's always room for improvement and say the department welcomes ways to improve police interactions with the community. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega ktvu fox 2 news. meanwhile the so-called right to die bill has cleared a key hurdle at the state capitol. they voted 10-3 in favor of the legislation. it would allow terminally ill patients to ask a doctor for drugs to end their lives. the inspiration came from 29- year-old brittany menard. she had brain cancer. she moved from the bay area to oregon where the law allows terminal patients to get life ending medications. >> there are certain diseases that produce horrific effects. there's no glory in suffering a prolonged and agonizing death
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if that's not what the individual wants. >> the bill goes to the health care finance committee. if it passes it would go to the full assembly. regulation of short-term rentals such as airbnb rentals continues to be a hot topic heading into the election. ktvu's brian flores live in the castro district in san francisco with why both sides are speaking out today. >> hi, good afternoon to you. opponents of proposition f held a press conference in front of ike's sandwich shop a couple hours ago. they say proposition f is too restrictive. supporters say this is about public safety as well as economic impact. >> san francisco will soon vote on a new short-term rental law. even though the city just passed new laws regulating it. >> now this was a commercial from the no on f campaign, and this is what you'll be seeing in the next few weeks heading into the elections. what they're saying about proposition f is that it will greatly affect small businesses. they released a study showing
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the impact of services like airbnb saying it generated $105 million towards local businesses, $5 million towards sales tax revenue just in the city last year, and they say if prop f if approved would affect that revenue for small businesses, but also affect hosts who depend on home sharing to supplement their income. >> we don't have any hotels in the mission, so airbnb plays a vital role in our community. it gets people out to our businesses. the mission district is also one of the largest consolidated area of small businesses in the city, so it's really important to us. >> now supporters of proposition f say there isn't enough regulation saying that only a handful of airbnb listings are registered in the city. they say this is a safety issue as well with different people coming into neighborhoods at different times and say not regulating it hurts businesses in the long run. >> if someone wants to rent an extra room in their house from
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time to time, fine. prop f lets them do that but we've got to report the number of nights that someone is staying in their house and airbnb and the other websites can only list units that are properly registered with the city. we have 10 or 12,000 listings on these websites right now. only 600 people have registered to do short-term rentals legally. >> prop f would limit short- term rentals to 75 nights per year. the current rule is 90 days. it would also require hosts to prepare quarterly reports and would fine hosts for not registering their listing with the city of san francisco. this issue pretty divisive as well with mayor lee siding with the no on f campaign saying it's too restrictive. senator dianne feinstein saying yes on proposition f saying that homes would need to stop becoming de facto hotels. back to you. >> thank you. a federal district court has ruled that uber drivers in california can proceed with a class action lawsuit against
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the company. two drivers are suing uber claiming they should be label employees, not independent contractors. it's an issue that goes to the heart of how the ride sharing company runs its business. lawyers for uber fought the class action status arguing that drivers don't reflect the majority of drivers who prefer the flexibility of being an independent contractor. the san francisco company says it plans to appeal. a warning to people with baby monitors. what information cyber security experts say that hackers may be able to access through those devices. >> and still cool around much of the bay area. what that means for our holiday weekend ahead. >> victory for prom and the iran nuclear deal is all but assured as another democratic senator signals she'll vote in favor of the agreementful we'll have the details on that story coming right up. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
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it's been a tough series of negotiations for the obama administration, when it comes to a nuclear deal with iran. first with tehran, now with congress. asamerica's top diplomat is still working to push the deal across the finish line. >> he led the pain staking negotiations for a nuclear deal between the u.s., its allies and iran. now secretary of state john kerry wants to make sure it has
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the support of the american people in congress. >> president obama and i are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the framework that we have put forward will get the job done. >> president obama appears to have the necessary votes for passage of the agreement. yesterday smarts bob casey and chris kountze became the 32nd and 33rd democrats to back the deal leaving the white house one vote shy of preventing a potential veto override. this morning maryland senator barbara mikulski tipped the scales in the president's favor by announcing she will back the deal. >> once implemented it will remove a critical source of risk and uncertainty. >> some democrats and all republicans oppose the deal, which aims to curb iran's nuclear program in exchange for a leave from economic sanctions. >> president obama said the crazies will vote no. let me tell you, you're crazy if you vote yes. >> israel, a number one target
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of iran is adamantly opposed to the deal with some former u.s. lawmakers coming to its defense. >> it supports our foes and opposes our friends. >> if the deal passes congress, which it appears it is likely to do now, october 18th will become adoption day where tangible steps will be taken to put the agreement in place. in washington, joel waldman fox news. a man hunt is expanding for three people suspected of killing a police officer. the intense house by house search has ended in fox lake. now more than 100 officers are looking at other structures in nearby areas. a big part of the search is taking place near the illinois/wisconsin line. fox lake is 55 miles north of chicago. yesterday 52-year-old police lieutenant charles gliniewicz radioed that he was chasing three suspects. backup officers arrived to find his body with a gunshot wound. the 30-year police veteran was due to retire in just a few
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weeks. we're learning more about an alleged sexual assault involving a san francisco police officer. the officer is accused of assaulting a woman he met on the job last month. according to a search warrant and affidavit, the officer went to the woman's home after she had five to seven drinks, they went into her bedroom, and according to the affidavit the officer said let me make you feel good. the victim replied no, i don't want to. despite that she says the officer sexually assaulted her. >> i don't want to ever hear any of my officers engaging in any alleged misconduct on or off duty. so again, we take it super serious. >> a lieutenant who also works at the station is accused of tipping off the officer that he was being investigated. the chief tells ktvu both officers are now on desk duty with no contact with the public. a former east bay school teacher arrested on child pornography charges, 66-year- old marshal fifer was arrested by walnut creek police at his
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home on el camino court east of downtown. child pornography was found on his computer. police say they haven't found evidence of illegal activity in connection with his job. just a short timing a here, graton casino broke down on a multimillion dollar expansion. officials say it promises to bring in at least a thousand construction jobs. along with the expansion there are also plans for a construction of a new hotel. that's estimated to bring in more than 100 jobs. the sonoma county casino opened back in 2013. the eastern span of the bay bridge is 2 years old today. since its opening there have been a number of problems and ongoing projects. caltrans says it has a team of experts working on a solution to fix the cracked steel rods on the bridge. engineers will have a report with a plan on what to do about them by the end of this month. >> the bridge is absolutely safe. like any other bridge, the bay
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bridge is overly designed. the anchor rods are an additional layer of performance. it is not a safety issue. >> the bike path that runs along the southern edge of that bridge will be complete in 2016 allowing cyclists and pedestrians to go from emeryville all the way to buena island. if caltrans goes ahead with plans to use explosives to take down part of the bridge all the activity will happen below the surface of the water. spectators won't be able to see or hear the implosion if it happens. a proposal to help ease traffic jams on the richmond san rafael bridge is on the governor's desk. it would fast track opening of a third lane on the lower deck. that shoulder is wide enough for another lane but it's being used as a place to park construction equipment. the bill would also design work on the third lane to take place at the same time as environmental reviews, which would speed up the process. assemblyman mark levine has another deal in the works that would allow the lane to open in a matter of weeks on a
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temporary basis. good afternoon everybody. i thought we'd look back a little bit. i know it's september, and we have a cooler pattern on the way, but i thought we'd look back towards august and san francisco's climate data, a lot of people said man, i've been here 35 years and i can't remember it being this warm. it was. the maximum temperature was 71- point .8. 60.2 was the average monthly temperature on the minimum. first time ever to be over 65.1 degrees above the average. the mean was 4.4 degrees above average the second warmest august ever, just barely lost out to august 1993. what's causing this, the very warm ocean and bay temps keeping the lows up, same thing happened this morning. san francisco's 61. we'll go for 68 today. the high temperatures are coming down a little bit with the exception of bodega bay and thank goodness for them, 55 degrees. everyone else is in the 60s.
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63 at watertown, monterey. you get inside the bay it's upper 60s and low 70s and is there a bunch of warm water. that 55 at bodega bay is one of the coolest on the entire west coast. you can't find anything cooler until you head up towards the gulf of alaska and right down there by the hawaiian islands. 82 to 84 degrees. the breeze is cranking up, gusts to 24 out at concord, 30 at fairfield, west, southwest, oakland, same for sfo and hayward. up here to the north two systems coming in. this has produced a little built of light rain in crescent city. also starting to cool them down. another system off of southern california, how about that, one north and south. the mere fact that it's there is kind of interesting. you can see that. what we are concerned about is right up here. there will be two parts to this system coming in later today, and then friday a low is going to move into northern california. that will really crank up the wind, i think give us some very cool lows as we head towards if not friday, then saturday mortgage. low clouds, cooler and breezy even though the humidity factors continues to be high.
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there's a lot of moisture in the air. 60s, 70s around the bay. 80s inland. we can say good-bye to those 90s for about five days. around the bay it's still on the mild side. there is a breeze behind us, 70s and 80s, south bay, peninsula, 70s for most, 60s on the coast. the coast and bay will be slightly below average but inland temps come way down through friday. chilly saturday morning. yes, we said chilly saturday morning. it does look warmer sunday and on monday the holiday. pg&e is looking to raise rates. the utility sent a request request to regulators asking for permission to collect $2.5 billion. pg&e says it needs that money to pay for technology upgrades and disaster response. it would increase the utility's revenue by about $400 million a year. the average bill would go up by $4 a month for the next three years. a warning to people about those baby monitors. >> and marshawn lynch makes an
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appearance on a home shopping channel. next.
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taking a live look at what's happening on the new york stock exchange. now this is more like it. after a rough day yesterday you see here just ahead of the close, the dow is up by 1%. s&p 500, nasdaq also doing well. let's see if that holds a little bit longer. new research reveals that a number of web enabled baby monitors have serious security flaws. last year we told you about an ohio family who woke up to hear someone yelling at their child
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through the monitor. someone hacked their baby monitor and camera. new research by rapid 7 says all nine baby monitors it tested had security problems that could allow a hacker to gain access not just to the camera but the entire wi-fi system. the security company shared its findings with the manufacturers and several are taking steps to fix the problems. probably the most famous skittles fan appeared on the home shopping network to give the brand a boost. take a look. >> like you're not just dating skittles, like you love skittles. >> we intimate. >> you love the skittles. >> we became one. >> they are intimate. they became one. yes, of course, marshawn lynch making an appearance on the evine network. he is known for his deep love for that rainbow colored candy. sad news for the skittles fans the deal is now officially sold out. no more celebration price. it's one of the oldest tools in the medical trade, the stethoscope. today it's getting an upgrade. we're meeting the uc berkeley
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grads who just got federal approval for a device to bring stethoscopes into the digital age. that's today on the 4 with mike mibach and key baa arnold. thanks so much. always here at follow us on facebook and twitter. hey foster farms! looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown.
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